10 Best Anime Mystery Series Of All Time Ranked

10 Best Anime Mystery Series Of All Time, Ranked

10 Best Anime Mystery Series Of All Time, Ranked

Mystery fiction is a genre that excels in keeping audiences engaged and on the edge of their seats. As the story unfolds and pieces of the puzzle start to fit together, viewers feel like detectives themselves, piecing together clues alongside their favorite characters. Anime has a talent for creating captivating mystery stories that keep fans guessing until the very end. These intricate and suspenseful anime mystery series are prime examples of the genre's best offerings, with plots that are impossible to put down until every secret is revealed.

10.Made In Abyss

A well-crafted mystery series is like a labyrinthine journey filled with hidden secrets and shocking revelations. As one delves deeper, the puzzles become more intricate and convoluted. Made in Abyss embodies this descent into the unknown through its mysterious setting. The enigmatic Abyss that swallows up the show's young protagonists, Riko and Reg, is a supernatural phenomenon that is largely unexplored, rife with dangers and enigmas. Just like the viewers, the heroes are equally clueless about what lies ahead in the treacherous depths of the Abyss.

9.Gankutsuou: The Count Of Monte Cristo

Although the anime adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' French novel takes significant liberties, incorporating unexpected sci-fi elements into the classic tale of revenge, Gankutsuou's mystery plot remains just as captivating as the original work. As viewers follow Viscount Albert, a French aristocrat, and his dealings with the enigmatic Count, their investment in this thrilling tale of vengeance deepens. Gankutsuou is a rare mystery that maintains its suspenseful appeal, regardless of whether or not the audience knows the outcome.

8.Mo Dao Zu Shi

As anime continues to expand its reach, other countries are adding their own unique twists to the medium's traditional formulas. Mo Dao Zu Shi, also known as Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, is a donghua that has captured the attention of fans worldwide, introducing them to xianxia, a genre of cultivation fiction.

The show's intriguing mystery plot follows Wei Wuxian, a former follower of the demonic path who is reincarnated 13 years after being defeated by his former allies. Together with his former classmate, Lan Wangji, he sets out to uncover the conspiracies and mysteries that have threatened the cultivation world in his absence.


Kaiba, an anime series from the unconventional director Masaaki Yuasa, is an experimental and captivating mystery that delves into the significance of memories. The titular protagonist awakens with no recollection of his past, armed only with a locket containing a photo of an unfamiliar person and a hole in his chest. In this world, memories are stored on chips that can be removed from their owners. Despite the possibility of recovering his own memories, Kaiba's situation remains dire and unsettling.

6.Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain is an experimental avant-garde anime icon that delves into the enigmatic without providing viewers with explicit answers. However, it poses the right questions that leave its audience to ponder. The story revolves around Lain Iwakura and her journey of questioning her identity, particularly how one's perception of self varies between the virtual world and the tangible reality. Despite being released over two decades ago, Serial Experiments Lain remains ahead of its time, a cult classic that retains its relevance as a mind-bending mystery experiment.


Mononoke is a visually striking anime series that merges the genres of mystery and supernatural horror, which are rarely executed well in the medium. The protagonist, the nameless Medicine Seller, roams feudal Japan in pursuit of mononoke - belligerent spirits from Japanese folklore. Nonetheless, exterminating mononoke is not as simple as killing them off. The Medicine Seller must first comprehend everything about these creatures, transforming each episode into a captivating and suspenseful detective story with a dash of supernatural horror.


Mystery stories are often linked to suspense and tension, particularly in the thriller subcategory that dominates the genre. However, Mushishi, a cult classic in the iyashikei style, offers a different way to present its supernatural puzzles.

The show's tone is introspective and melancholic, with each episode concentrating on a specific mystery involving a mushi, an otherworldly life form. These enigmatic creatures can range from genuinely frightening to more abstract and philosophical in the secrets they conceal. As Ginko, the protagonist, encounters and unravels the mysteries of the mushi, viewers are treated to some of the most inventive and distinctive animated mystery storylines.

3.The Monogatari Series

At first glance, the Monogatari franchise may seem like a straightforward series following Araragi Koyomi, a high school student-turned-vampire, as he solves mysteries and helps the girls he meets rid themselves of supernatural afflictions. However, this beloved show offers much more than just detective stories.

Monogatari is a masterful example of postmodern fiction, turning each mystery into a clever character analysis that delves beyond mere problem-solving. While the quality of each individual mystery varies, the overall storyline of the franchise remains consistently enthralling.

2.Odd Taxi

Odd Taxi is a mystery anime series that may be underrated due to its cartoonish anthropomorphic characters and straightforward storyline. However, it is a hidden gem among anime series. At its core, the show revolves around the disappearance of a young girl and how it turns the life of its protagonist, Hiroshi Odokawa, a taxi driver walrus, upside down. However, as the series progresses, more ominous and obscure mysteries seem to hide in the shadows.

The narrative structure of Odd Taxi is sophisticated, intelligent, and mature, as it continuously reveals new depths and layers to the mystery plot. The show's careful construction of revelations culminates in an intricate and satisfying conclusion.


When it comes to discussing the best mystery storylines across all media, it's impossible to overlook Monster, an iconic anime series. The show presents a world where every choice made has tangible consequences, and every turn hides secrets that are feared to be uncovered.

The story follows Dr. Kenzou Tenma, a neurosurgeon who, after saving the life of a child instead of a town's mayor, loses almost everything, except his ideals. However, his decision comes back to haunt him as his patient turns out to be a ruthless killer, and Tenma is held responsible for bringing the killer to justice.

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