7 Etsy DIGITAL PRODUCTS You Can Create With Midjourney 13497month

7 Etsy DIGITAL PRODUCTS You Can Create With Midjourney ($13,497/month)

7 Etsy DIGITAL PRODUCTS You Can Create With Midjourney ($13,497/month)

Etsy is a popular online marketplace for handmade and vintage items, but did you know that you can also make a significant income by selling digital products? In this blog, we will discuss the most profitable digital product ideas that can earn you between $1,030 and $3,000 a month.

Successful Patterns

Many successful business people are not artists or designers themselves. For example, YouTuber Davie Fogarty is the owner and creator of The Oodie, a company that has sold $500 million worth of big wearable blankets with patterns on them. They have over 300 different hoodie patterns, but Davie did not draw a single one of them. He bought them from a shop or paid someone to make them.

Similarly, the Etsy store Sweet Shop Design sells digital download patterns that are used for making printable papers. Buyers can use the patterns for whatever they want, including T-shirts, dresses, and wallpapers. This couple has done 13,000 sales, sold their packs for about $25 each, and earned $325,000 in revenue from digital products in only ten months.

Generating Patterns with AI

Generating patterns for digital products is easy with AI. Mid Journey is an image generation AI that can generate whatever you ask for in about 10 seconds. All you need to do is give a prompt and tweak the AI keywords until you get what you want. For example, slim fitting women's flower dresses are popular in the summer, so you can use Mid Journey to generate flower patterns in just four minutes.

Once you have your patterns, you can use a free browser version of Photoshop called Photope to turn them into a pattern file format. This way, you can replicate, rotate, or tweak the patterns until you are happy with them. Then, all you need to do is save the file and sell it as a digital download on Etsy. AI does 90% of the work, and you just need to tweak the products a little bit.

Selling Wedding Resources

Selling wedding resources is another profitable digital product idea on Etsy. Each year, there are 1 million weddings in America, and they cost an average of $30,000. There's a lot of room to sell wedding resources, and people are willing to pay for their special day.

For example, Wild Bloom Designs has made around $1.7 million already from selling digital download wedding resources like bachelorette party invitation templates and their "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" card, which has 17,000 reviews. These designs are simple, but they are put on mockup backgrounds that create the perfect vibe that buyers want to feel. You can easily create similar designs with AI.

Using AI to Create Minimalist Wedding Invitation Templates

You can use Mid Journey and Photope to create minimalist wedding invitation templates that look professional and attractive. Start by running a prompt to generate a minimalist wedding invitation template. Then, use Photope to remove any gibberish from the image and put it into Canva. Finally, add text boxes in the same style so that your customers can fill them in. The AI does the design work, and you just need to fix any issues with the gibberish.


Selling digital products on Etsy is a great way to make a significant income without needing a lot of money or resources. By using AI to generate patterns and create designs, you can easily create digital products that people are willing to pay for. Whether you want a side hustle or a full-fledged online business, these digital product ideas are worth considering.