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Anime Like Spy × Family

In every game we play, we often choose a role to embody—a decoy, fighter, trickster, defender, or support. But what if there's a role that can master all of these? Enter the spy—a true expert of disguise, capable of blending in anywhere and assuming any identity. Becoming a spy requires agility, strength, intelligence, and apparently, a family. However, there's one spy who finds himself in need of a family in his new mission. In "Spy x Family," under the fake name Lloyd Forger, the protagonist forms a family in his latest mission, Operation Strix. Let's delve into this captivating anime and explore other thrilling series that fans of Spy x Family would enjoy.

Attack on Titan:

"Attack on Titan," while emotionally devastating, shares some parallels with "Spy x Family." Both series are produced by Studio WIT and feature distinctive family dynamics. In "Attack on Titan," Eren Jaeger's determination to kill the Titans mirrors Lloyd Forger's ambition to create a world where children won't suffer from the horrors of war. While different in many ways, the few similarities between these series are surprisingly on point.


If you've ever wondered about the lives of manga artists beyond drawings and autographs, "Kakushigoto" offers a glimpse into this world. Similar to "Spy x Family," the main character, Kakushi Gotou, hides his career as a manga artist from his daughter. The anime showcases his daily struggles and the great lengths he goes to keep his secret, providing comedy and heartwarming moments.

Full Metal Panic:

"Full Metal Panic" and "Spy x Family" blend slice of life, suspense, and action with characters who strive to keep their identities hidden. The anime is set in a timeline where the cold war hasn't ended, featuring a mercenary named Sousuke and a psychic school girl named Kaname. Sousuke's military background makes it challenging for him to fit into regular school life, leading to awkward and amusing interactions, similar to the dynamics in "Spy x Family."

The Great Pretender:

Ever wondered what a street spy would be like? "The Great Pretender" explores the world of con artists. While not directly related to spies, this anime shares the element of deception and an engaging storyline. The protagonist, Makato Itamura, earns a living through pickpocketing and conning, but his life takes a turn when he becomes the one being conned. With intriguing plot twists and engaging characters, this series is a must-watch for fans of "Spy x Family."

My Hero Academia:

In "My Hero Academia," the character Anya from "Spy x Family" reminds us of Eddie, one of the youngest characters in the series. Both Anya and Eddie share adorable and endearing qualities, and their experiences as experiments make them relatable to fans. While "My Hero Academia" focuses on superheroes and their battles, the bond between parents and children is a prominent theme, resonating with the core of "Spy x Family.


These are just a few anime series that fans of "Spy x Family" may enjoy. Each one offers a unique blend of comedy, suspense, and heartwarming moments, making them captivating and engaging in their own right. Whether it's the intense world of "Attack on Titan" or the comedic adventures of "Kakushigoto," these anime series provide a wide range of stories that will keep you entertained and wanting more. So, sharpen your blades, open up your mind, and embark on these thrilling journeys with the characters that capture our hearts.