Best Fashion Trends of the Season

Best Fashion Trends of the Season

Best Fashion Trends of the Season

Summer is well under way even though spring has only been here for a few weeks. I can just feel it as the light melts the ground to make room for the best summer dress trends 2023, flora, and animals. Additionally, the hottest season of the year will arrive before we know it because of the strange way in which time moves so quickly (I know, it's crazy). Fortunately, there is still plenty of time to put together your warm-weather wardrobe, which includes everything from the best clogs to summer wedding guest dresses and crescent bags. The true query at this point is, "With what?"

I asked Libby Jane Page, the market director at Net-a-Porter, to offer her insider knowledge of the design trends that will be prevalent come June in order to give you inspiration for your summer ensembles. The main idea is that you receive both sides of the story this summer. "The spring/summer 2023 season was clearly a tale of two halves, proving pared-back elegance and sleek black styles can be just as high impact as the lustrous liquid shine pieces and standout floral moments," she says. There are luxurious pieces to fight the flowing A/C and sheer fashion looks ideal for humid, 100 degree forecasts, as well as a few additional eye-catching ones in between. (Each of these will go great with the hottest jewellery trends for summer 2023.) Continue reading to learn what Page thinks will be the top trends this summer.

Quiet Luxury

In case you hadn't heard, silent luxury, commonly referred to as "plain luxury," is huge right now. And if you needed any other evidence, just consider the flood of headlines that Gwyneth Paltrow's ski trial courtroom demeanour deserved. According to Page, "this season saw the reintroduction of simplicity into our everyday wardrobes, proving pared-back elegance is the pinnacle of luxury." "The Row, Bottega Veneta, and Savette are leading the plain luxury trend, and searches for these have increased by over 185 percent, 75 percent, and 550 percent, respectively."

Back to Black

No of the time of year, black is always a good choice. Page describes it as a "mainstay fashion favourite." And while the market director observed that all-black outfits are at the forefront of summer fashion trends, you might be shocked that black is the new, well, colour. "Black is not a colour we typically associate with summer, but this season it proved that, after several seasons of dopamine dressing, its reign as fashion's favourite colour is still very much in place." Page advises cutouts and silky slip dresses as ways to stay cool in black this summer.

Best Undressed

Warm summer evenings? Take them on and wear less clothing. "This trend is a new wave of eveningwear dressing—a complete shift away from the high-octane glamour that has dominated the space for the past few seasons to a more understated approach that embraces nudity in a subtle and chic way," she says. By carrying over the motif from its pre-spring 2023 collection and showcasing 10 provocative gowns on the runway, Saint Laurent "owned this mood." Of course, not every outfit you wear has to be for the evening; you can also wear semi-sheer clothing during the day.

Magpie Moments

Don't put away that shimmering summer party dress just yet; just because understated, naked designs are popular for the summer doesn't mean those eye-catching, eye-catching things are fully cast to the side. Page informs me that sequins, paillettes, and crystal sparkled on the spring 2023 runways. "We saw a new guard of designers coming through and leading the way in the eveningwear space, from Nensi Dojaka, who exemplifies outstanding brand evolution, to 16ARLINGTON and LaQuan Smith," adds the author.

Flower Power

This final one shouldn't surprise anyone because summer wouldn't exist without its vibrant flowers. The use of blossoms in the spring and summer is nothing new, but this year, step up your floral game with 3-D creations from artists like Magda Butrym. And if your sense of style isn't nearly as gaudy, tone it down with a stylish rosette necklace," Page advises. Once the weather starts to cool off, this will also be one of the biggest fashion trends for fall 2023, so it's a great investment for your wardrobe.