The Secret of Why Some Guys Get Chased by Girls

The Secret of Why Some Guys Get Chased by Girls

The Secret of Why Some Guys Get Chased by Girls

Have you ever wondered why some guys seem to effortlessly attract girls' attention while others get completely ignored? Well, there's a biological secret that has girls obsessing over certain men, and it's quite the opposite of what popular culture, movies, and Disney have told you.

The Standard Advice: Travel the Ocean, Slay the Dragon, and Get the Treasures

In movies, we're often told that to win a girl's heart, we should do everything for her, just like traveling the ocean, slaying the dragon, and obtaining treasures. However, this romanticized advice doesn't seem to work well in real life.

The Friend Zone Predicament

Following the standard advice may lead you straight into the dreaded "friend zone." You become valuable enough for her to keep around, but she doesn't see you as a potential romantic partner. Despite your efforts to be there for her and shower her with attention, she may not feel that spark of interest.

The Unavailable Guy: A High-Value Man

Contrary to the movies, girls are attracted to men who seem unattainable. They want a guy who appears to be better than them, chasing after something bigger and more important. This unavailability triggers subconscious thoughts in her that this man must be a high-value individual who has other options and is not desperate for her attention.

The Availability Trap

On the other hand, the guy who is always available, showering her with attention, inadvertently signals that he's a lower-tier man, seemingly desperate, and easily replaceable. This availability and desperation are not appealing to women seeking a strong, confident partner.

The Power of Holding Frame

Attracting girls involves holding a strong masculine frame. Holding frame means people are playing by your rules, accepting your values, morals, and leadership. This is incredibly attractive to girls. An alpha male, bad boy, or jerk all have this trait in common, and it's why they often seem to attract more attention.

Passing the Subconscious Tests

Girls will often test a man's frame subconsciously, and how he responds determines his attractiveness. When a man maintains his cool, doesn't get emotional or argue back, and handles her tests gracefully, she sees him as mentally strong and emotionally controlled, which increases her attraction to him.

The Importance of Maintaining Mystery

Being available all the time can lead to a decrease in intrigue. Instead, maintaining an air of mystery and focusing on your own goals makes you more appealing. By not being overly available, you allow her to chase you, further increasing her interest.

Understanding the biological secret of what truly attracts girls can change the way you approach dating and relationships. Embrace the concept of holding frame, maintaining an air of mystery, and focusing on your own goals. By doing so, you'll exude a high-value aura that will have girls obsessing over you.

Remember, it's not about following the traditional advice from movies; it's about embracing your true masculinity and confidence. If you want to level up in life and become a high-value man, don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more insightful content.

In the world of dating and relationships, being true to yourself and holding your own frame is the key to unlocking the attraction you desire. So, go ahead and embrace your masculine power, and watch as the girls begin to chase you.