Anime Like Attack On Titan

Anime Like Attack On Titan

Anime Like Attack On Titan


With the final season of Attack on Titan coming to an end, it's an exciting time for fans of the series. If you're looking for more anime that captures the essence of Attack on Titan, I've put together a small curated list that I believe will appeal to AOT enthusiasts. These anime have similarities such as a focus on a richly developed secondary cast, multiple themes like humanity versus a mysterious threat, and stories involving politics and war. So, without further ado, let's dive into the list!

Vinland Saga:

Produced by former Attack on Titan studio WIT Studio, Vinland Saga is an excellent anime to start this list. Set in a dark world with harsh themes and dark storytelling, it follows Thorfinn, the son of a former Viking, on a mission of revenge after his father is killed. Similar to Eren's motivations after his mother's death, Thorfinn becomes entangled with Askeladd, the man responsible for his father's murder. The relationship between Thorfinn and Askeladd develops into a strange dependence, reminiscent of the relationship between King Fritz and Ymir. Vinland Saga also boasts an incredible supporting cast, adding depth and charm to the story.


Despite its bright and colorful appearance, 86 is arguably the anime most similar to Attack on Titan on this list. The story revolves around Vladilena "Lena" Milizé, the youngest person to be promoted to major, leading a squad of soldiers against autonomous drones known as the Legion. The series delves into military tactics, much like the later seasons of AOT, and explores themes of racism, political factions, and deep world history. Lena's dynamic with the soldiers under her command, reminiscent of Erwin and Levi, adds depth and emotional weight to the series.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes:

Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a classic anime that likely inspired Attack on Titan in terms of wartime politics and strategies. Set in a distant future, the story follows two interstellar sides, the Galactic Empire and the Democratic Alliance, as they fight for control of the Milky Way galaxy. Led by tactical geniuses Reinhard von Lohengramm and Yang Wen-li, respectively, the series delves into a battle of ideals, moral grayness, and entangled relationships. If you enjoyed the wartime politics of AOT's final season and the morally ambiguous characters, Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a must-watch.


Written by renowned mangaka Naoki Urasawa, Monster is a gripping series that offers a mystery element similar to Attack on Titan. The story centers around Dr. Kenzo Tenma, a neurosurgeon who faces a moral dilemma when forced to choose between the lives of a boy and another man. Years later, when the boy, Johan Liebert, becomes a serial killer, Tenma takes responsibility for his actions and embarks on a hunt to stop Johan. The interconnectivity of the characters and the intricate mystery make Monster a compelling watch for AOT fans.

Bonus Anime:

Awari no Seraph and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: Both made by WIT Studio, these anime have been compared to Attack on Titan due to their similar themes and action-packed storytelling.

Knights of Sidonia: This anime offers a dystopian setting and war against a mysterious enemy, reminiscent of Attack on Titan.

The Promised Neverland: With its strong presence of mystery and intricate plot, this manga series is highly recommended for AOT fans.


As Attack on Titan concludes, exploring similar anime can be a great way to satisfy your