The 10 Best Mini Skirt Outfits 2023

The 10 Best Mini Skirt Outfits 2023

The 10 Best Mini Skirt Outfits 2023

Mini skirts have generated a lot of buzz in recent years. You may recall the scandalous micro-minis (opens in a new tab) of 2022, which encouraged practically every fashion devotee living in cities to strut around downtown flashing some major upper thighs. However, the trends for Spring/Summer 2023 (opens in a new tab) show that the skirt is moving in a less ostentatious, more refined direction. The greatest mini skirts of 2023 are composed of more mature fabrics like bouclé tweed, luxurious leather, and strong denim, which makes it simpler for you to style the skirt in a way that feels wearable and true to your daily life. 

The best tiny skirt ensembles that won't make you feel like a Gen-Z impersonator are rounded up in the gallery above by Marie Claire, who asked two fashion stylists for their advice on wearing the showy, flirtatious garment. In order for you to immediately purchase the top styles, the two experts also break down the top mini skirt trends in terms of shapes, fabrics, and colors.

How to Style Mini Skirts

Balanced Proportions

Fashion consultant and stylist Allison Bornstein believes that a successful little skirt outfit is all about balance. "I prefer not to have anything too fitted or too much skin showing on top to balance the bare legs," she says, encouraging you to use looser-fitting shirts or blouses to maintain balance between your top and bottom.

Turn to Your Trousers

Then, she continues, "I would take some time to ask yourself what you typically look for in a bottom." If you frequently wear trousers, you might want to consider a wool mini with side slip pockets like a traditional trouser. Alternatively, a denim skirt (opens in a new tab) might be a good way to try the mini if you tend to wear jeans a lot.

Silhouette Preferences

Bornstein emphasises, "I would really try to understand your own preferences first," particularly when it comes to the little skirt's form. I've discovered that clients who normally favour an A-line dress also favour skirts in a similar way.  

Best Mini Skirts Outfits


According to Bornstein, a white tee or tank top looks great with a denim mini. "I know everyone aspires for that style, and it feels very deliberate yet effortless. Add a vintage trench if you want to amp up the Parisian feel. A big coat with a short skirt are my favourites. 


Bornstein suggests, "I also enjoy the concept of pairing a little skirt with a poplin button-down shirt, a loafer, and socks. The mini feels a little more sophisticated and less uncomplicated by incorporating certain menswear accents, which play with balance and proportion in a way that feels both classic and modern.


The trick to wearing a small skirt, according to fashion expert Mickey Freeman, is to "make sure the length of your top is short enough to showcase the skirt but not so long that it overshadows it." An example would be the perfect, magical pairing of a little skirt with a cropped jacket. 

For extra points, select a coordinated look in hot pink, one of the season's top colour trends (opens in new tab). In fact, a cheery, bubble-gum-hued appearance is especially appropriate for summer 2023 because it will be the season of all things Barbie (opens in new tab) and the eagerly-awaited movie will be released in July. This Self-Portrait bouclé set is the ideal way to have the same viral magenta vibe as Valentino without having to pay double your rent.


"In the autumn, I enjoy wearing a miniskirt with a pair of sheer black tights and a tall boot. With separates in traditional tweed, Bornstein invites you to try your hand at a modern skirt suit. "I like to play with the proportion and add a boxy blazer on top as well," he says.


Bornstein says, "I always talk about picking the 'wrong shoe,' which I find can be very helpful in elevating the feeling of a mini skirt." And I enjoy wearing a mini with trainers. Consider totally committing to a sporty look by pairing your favourite trainers with a white court skirt and a polo shirt with a collar that is appropriate for the court.


Whether it be real leather or fake, Bornstein "would style it with a turtleneck or a thin cashmere sweater to make [the outfit] feel both covered up but also fitted and sexy." In addition to being on sale for $80, this thigh-grazing J. Crew dress is a wise investment because it can be worn year-round and is a trans-seasonal garment.


In order to "offset the flirty nature mini skirts are synonymous with," Freeman suggests you lean towards the complete opposite vibe. Take advantage of the most popular fashion trend right now, cargo pants or, in this case, a cargo short skirt, to channel a more "conservative or utilitarian" vibe. Choose timeless and classic separates to complete the look because the bottoms are more of a trend than a classic—for example, a second-skin white tee and your best leather jacket. 


Try out the metallic trend for spring by wearing a high-shine sequined skirt. To make sure the skrit feels polished and sophisticated, as opposed to immature and clubby, Bornstein advises wearing disco ball-like bottoms with "a pair of sheer tights and a pointed slingback heel." The stylist continues, "I also think the sheer tights allow for a little coverage, but [the outfit] still feels sexy."


We are now in the realm of the micro-mini skirt. Through Miu Miu's Spring/Summer 2022 runway, the leggy bottom gained notoriety and has remained popular ever since. However, styling the tiny skirt is a different, trickier endeavour. When creating an outfit around a micro-mini, Bornstein says, "I always talk about choosing the 'wrong shoe,' which I find can be very helpful in making the skirt feel more interesting and considered. "For instance, try something sweeter like a Mary Jane or ballerina flat, which feels like the 'wrong pick,' rather than a heel or something strappy and sexual that mimics the feeling of the skirt. You should also put on a clean blue button-down shirt before proceeding.


One in the colour that every fashion editor loves, black, is a more traditional variation of the tiny skirt. Mini skirts have a tendency to give an outfit a youthful, vibrant feel, according to Freeman, who is a big fan of playing up that effect. When wearing a black mini skirt, the stylist suggests "incorporating more demure fabrics into the look by way of pieces like t-shirts with lace overlays or an elegant chiffon blouse."



How to Style a Mini Sk

How to Style Mini Skirts