The 6 Fall 2023 Colors Youll See Everywhere

The 6 Fall 2023 Colors You'll See Everywhere

The 6 Fall 2023 Colors You'll See Everywhere

Fashion designers have long championed the power of colours on their catwalks: They can spark an entire fad by sending a drove of bold pink looks down the runway (we're looking at you, Barbiecore). However, colour theory, a.k.a. the way certain hues make us feel, will always play a part in our routines. Colour trends come and go, just like all fashion trends, from handbags to shoes to jewellery, but they're never going away.

According to fashion psychologist Shakaila Forbes-Bell, author of Big Dress Energy: How Fashion Psychology Can Transform Your Wardrobe and Your Confidence, "Colour plays an essential role in our day-to-day lives." As with most things, she continues, "experimenting with colour is a risk worth taking" because there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for colour. According to Forbes-Bell, "Color-related emotions are incredibly dependent on personal preferences and people's prior experiences with colour." 

These are the fall 2023 colour trends that go with any mood, whether you favour an upbeat yellow tint or prefer to blend into the background in neutral tones like camel or black.

Pops of Purple

According to Forbes-Bell, the colour purple can significantly affect our parasympathetic nervous system and has a pronounced soothing impact. Designers embraced every shade of purple, from deep plums to lavenders that range from fancy to casual wear, on the autumn runways. While Carolina Herrera sent regal purple ball gowns down her runways, Tory Burch featured well-tailored purple button-down shirts.

Purple is the ideal colour to wear when practising mindfulness because it not only looks stunning but may also help lower blood pressure and heart rates. The colour purple, which was originally only available to the aristocracy due to its scarcity as a dye, is frequently linked to monarchy, opulence, and power. It can also encourage you to embrace feelings of safety, security, and tranquilly.


A vibrant yellow or marigold colour helps create optimism and cheer because it is frequently associated with feelings of delight. Forbes-Bell says that wearing a conversation starter is frequently easier than trying to strike up a conversation on your own. Warm yellow clothing can both draw attention from others and encourage wearers to push themselves beyond their comfort zones, according to the author. 

The colour was heavily used by designers for Fall/Winter 2023. The slinky dress designs by Victor Glemaud took on a vivid yellow tint, while the brilliantly coloured power suits on the Michael Kors Collection runway were impossible to miss.

Another thing to think about is that excessive colour exposure can fully engulf you and even cause you to lose track of time! 

Barbiecore Pink

According to Forbes-Bell, "women aren't naturally drawn to pink as you might think." Pink has been associated with femininity since the 1940s, when marketing geniuses used colour on purpose. 

Today, as well as on the Fall/Winter 2023 catwalks, the colour has also come to represent freedom and strength. Valentino based the entirety of his line on vivid pink, sending a parade of cheery bubblegum-colored outfits down the runway. A softer shade of pale pink was employed by Burberry and Chanel to create tiny dresses and tweed jackets. Forbes-Bell advises donning a poppy pink when you're feeling frisky, feminine, or anxious.

Disco Black

People choose black because it is less individualised, according to Forbes-Bell. Fall's dazzling black pieces are anything but dull, from glittering strapless midi dresses at Givenchy to paillette sequined outerwear at Altuzarra. The unassuming colour may provide a sense of security and attract less notice. 

Forbes-Bell advises donning the shade when you want to demonstrate your persuasive skills, project authority, or are attending a formal occasion. "The colour can ooze sophistication, glamour, and stateliness while making you feel luxurious," she claims.

Crazy for Camel

The great transitional shade to ease into October when richer hues take the throne is a light brown camel colour, which was particularly popular on the fall 2022 runways—especially among the outerwear pieces at Tory Burch, Chanel, and Fendi. According to Forbes-Bell, "an earthy brown colour is often related to notions of support and reliability." "A brown colour can keep you grounded when paired with blues and greens, which represent the elements of earth and water."

Wild Blue Yonder

Unquestionably one of the most popular colours in fashion in previous seasons, blue is still a mainstay on the Fall/Winter catwalks. Blues from azure to royal blue were saturated on leather, ombre on soft knits, and statement-making on coats and puffer jackets. According to Forbes-Bell, "a clear sky and a vast ocean are enough to quiet the mind." She also notes that blue is frequently the preferred colour for tranquilly. 

Blue can help us focus intensely while also being associated with positive values like communication, trust, and security, according to the author. Being more effective can also be achieved by wearing saturated blue. "It positively supports cognitive performance," says Bell. If you're looking for work, think about wearing one of these blue items to your upcoming appointment. Hiring managers believe that blue is the greatest colour to wear to a job interview.